Our Friends

We have been very blessed to have the friends and mentors that God has provided us in this business. Jeremy’s dad, Steve Jackson, provided the means for us to stay home and farm. Jeremy and Steve work together every day in their cattle ventures and poultry operations.

Dr. Charles “Butch” Hatfield has been our friend and mentor in this business. Butch sold us our first BRANGUS cattle. He also opened many of the doors that we needed to walk thru to be successful. We will always be grateful and remember who brought us to the dance.

Cody Gariss with GENETRUST constantly contributes to the genetic improvement of our herd. Cody is the only person we would hand a blank check to, knowing that he would bring home what we were after.

We would like to thank the following friends and/or business partners that have helped us:

  • Jim Singleton
  • Mike Vorel
  • Vern Suhn
  • Shiloh Hall
  • Carl Goodnight
  • Frank Perry
  • Kaleb and Chrisie Smith
  • Pat Haley
  • Toby “embryo whisperer” Lester
  • Oklahoma BRANGUS Association
  • Dr. Dwayne Dickie


Jeremy Jackson, Mike Vorel and Vern Suhn the day they bought CB TRADITION 63A.