Sires and Semen

Our herd sire battery is becoming well know and useful around the country. Tradition roams the cow herd in the spring while Legend covers it in the fall. Consensus has established himself in the 1st calf heifer pen and Logic is in charge of the heifers.

Suhn’s Legend 30B18
Registration Number: R10277474
Date of Birth: August 25, 2014
Sire: CRC Landau 263X2
Dam: Suhn’s Miss Patton 30X5

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Jeremy Jackson, Jim Singleton and Vern Suhn partnered on an outstanding prospect when they picked Suhn’s Legend 30B18. Legend’s sire, Landau, is known as the King of Consistency and was also the breed leader in registrations in 2014. Legend’s dam, 30X5, is quickly proving herself as the best herd sire producing “X” model female in the breed. Suhn’s Legend 30B18 is stout and deep with plenty of bone and substance. He was exactly what we were looking for to build moderate framed and functional cattle with tons of eye appeal. Legend’s first calf crop arrived in the Spring of 16 in multiple herds. The calves are deep and functional with all the positive attributes of their father. Semen is available at $40 per straw registered and $20 per straw commercial.

CB Tradition 63A
Registration Number: R10239893
Date of Birth: February 21, 2013
Sire: CB Hombre 541T3
Dam: CB Cadence 63R

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Jeremy Jackson, Mike Vorel, Vern Suhn and Joe Cavender partnered on one of the most phenotypically complete sires to sell in 2014 when they chose 63A. Tradition is moderate and deep with above average bone, width and dimension. He is quickly proving himself as the sire that can be bred to anyone. Look for Tradition to produce moderate-framed right for the times kind with excellent sheath design and a tremendous maternal package. Calves are available for viewing at the ranch. Semen is available thru our friends at Genetrust. $40 per straw registered. $20 per straw commercial.

Vorel Logic 909B9
Registration Number: UB10264598
Date of Birth: April 1, 2014
Sire: Vorel Option 918Z3
Dam: SF Miss Abrams 909Y7

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Jeremy Jackson and Mike Vorel are partners on this outstanding heifer bull that Mike produced. Vorel Logic 909B9 is a second generation ULTRABLACK that will produce registered BRANGUS when bred to BRANGUS females. He has proven to be a “sleep all night” heifer bull everywhere he has been used. He’s a great way to put some Consensus genetics in your heifer breeding projects. Semen is available at $40 per straw registered and $20 per straw commercial.

JAC’S Consensus 3024A
Registration Number: 17842493
Date of Birth: January 24, 2013
Sire: Connealy Consensus 7229
Dam: Jacs Blackcap 1026

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Photo of Ultrablack sons of 3024A.

In the fall of 2014, we purchased the high selling Angus bull at Jac’s Ranch. Jac’s Consensus 3024A is a big boned, deep and soggy herd sire who is quickly making his mark at Jacksons Double J. 3024A combines the timeless consistency of Consensus with a great O’Reilly Factor donor female from the heart of Jac’s herd. His sons have been extremely popular with our customers. Semen is available at $20 per straw.